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Princess Yoricka by Neko-gami
Princess Yoricka
A commission I bought from SightlessButterfly over on FA

See guys! Yoricka can be cute too!

Thanks again SightlessButterfly!
Yoricka's escape
A commission I bought from :icongraybluestudios:

Look's like Interpol is on Yoricka's tail. Unfortunately for Carmelita, Yoricka had an escape plan...her!

Thanks again :icongraybluestudios:
Interpol's most wanted by Neko-gami
Interpol's most wanted
A commission I bought from :icongraybluestudios:

Yoricka Baines is apparently wanted by Interpol. Too bad they didn't warn Carmelita about her strange magic abilities.

Thanks again :icongraybluestudios:
Getting some tail by Neko-gami
Getting some tail
Another commission I bought from :icongillpanda:

WereShark Nami giving us a great view of her tail. Man look at the size of that tail! Oh...and you can see her butt too...But look at that tail!

Thanks again :icongillpanda:
Room for one more by Neko-gami
Room for one more
A commission I bought from Bangabear over on FA

Sheba Beboporeba laying on a couch. There's room for one more, but you'll have to lay on top of her. Hope that's not a problem.

Thanks again Bangabear


I used to be sane. I got better.
United States
I was just thinking about April being "Fat April month"and thought why not try and start something for March. So here's my idea...

Commission or if you're an artist, draw one or more of your OC's as mutants you would see on "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". It could be from the 80's cartoon or that new series on Nickelodeon. 

If you're interested here are the following guide lines to help think up what your mutant counterpart should look like.

1. Were they a human or an animal before mutating.

2. What's your mutants name? 
You know, like Bebop, Rocksteady, Spiderbytes, etc.

3. Is your mutant a good guy and would be friends with the turtles?
 Are they bad and would they work for the shedder or would they be their own boss?

4.What abilities do they have? Do they have a fighting style? Do they have a weapon?

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